Course Description

Chemistry 205 is the first half of a two-semester exploration of organic chemistry. The course provides a foundational understanding of the structure and reactivity of organic compounds and is a prerequisite to the second semester course (CHEM 206). The laboratory experience is a fundamental component of the course, and it is intended to introduce a parallel set of concepts and skills that complement the material presented in lecture. Laboratory projects introduce and emphasize the most common techniques employed to isolate, purify, and characterize organic compounds.

The lab is NOT designed merely to demonstrate or illustrate lecture material. The concepts and reactions presented in lecture were first discovered in a laboratory. The laboratory results were used to develop theories, which were then further tested, validated, and applied to new situations. If it were not for laboratory studies, we could not understand the concepts, reactions, and applications of organic chemistry! The purpose of lab is to build your skill in experimental validation within the context of organic chemistry.