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Atlas of the Week: Earth 3D – Amazing Atlas

An atlas is typically a collection of individual maps which each describe a separate topic, whether it be population or weather. The Earth 3D – Amazing Atlas by 3Planesoft, is an interactive online map of the world which is able … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week: The Map Room

Link: The Map Room is an incredibly interesting blog about infinitely different sorts of maps—from a simplified version of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth, to India and Pakistan mapped by differing textiles, to the enlightenment and its spread to Europe and … Continue reading

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A World Ravaged by Global Warming

Few scientists challenge the notions of climate change and global warming. Although these fact-based, scientific theories have been thoroughly proven through countless years of evidential data, there still remains those who refuse to accept the prospect that humans may be … Continue reading

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