Atlas of the Week: Global Conflict Tracker

The Global Conflict Tracker provides resources, background information and visuals regarding all the international conflicts that could have an impact on the United States. This atlas is centralized around the interests of the U.S., in which the Center for Preventative Action (CPA) monitors conflict developments and consults government reports to determine how Americans could be affected by tensions escalating across the globe. This website categorizes each global conflict by critical, significant or limited impact on the U.S., and as expected, the Ukrainian crisis is defined as critical. While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a pressing issue in the world, this website also draws attention to all the other conflicts in the world that may not be getting as much attention. Therefore, this atlas serves as a beneficial resource to increase Americans’ awareness about the international conflicts that could negatively affect their country. 


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One Response to Atlas of the Week: Global Conflict Tracker

  1. Spencer Whiton says:

    This blog does a great job of highlighting Russian and Ukranian allies pre and post Cold War. In addition, I like the choice of maps as they are color coded to represent each nation and who controls certain territories since the war. As a result, your post gives insight into projecting the severity of Russian attacks.

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