Atlas of the Week: Improbable Places

Atlas Choice

Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Corners by Travis Elborough

The following atlas was published in 2016 and is composed of geographical and informational maps of places across the globe, but its central focus happens to be some of National Geographic’s weirdest and most unusual – ranging from hidden labyrinths to deserted cities. This atlas is a rather intriguing take on what we see with traditional geographic maps, instead of noting the mass of the world that we wish to know about, it pin points and highlights nitty gritty, unspoken of, and unknown places. It’s interesting, because traditionally we see maps as our way of expanding our range of the world, but this atlas puts our focus on the miniscule – and we can argue that it certainly broadens our understanding of the spaces we occupy or don’t occupy by calling into attention what we often don’t pay attention to.

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