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Atlas of the Civil War

This atlas of the American Civil War features maps, photos, and stories of the bloodiest war on American soil. War atlases are very cool because they show Battlefields and the routes soldiers took throughout the course of a battle. It … Continue reading

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Map of the Americas-Graham Eisen

My choice for the map of the week is the “Map of the Western Hemisphere” from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas published all the way back in 1606. Hence the name, the atlas includes work from Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius. Living … Continue reading

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Atlas of Space, Patrick Barry(03/05/2021)

The Atlas “National Geographic Atlas of Space: Exploring Our Solar System and Beyond” gives a visual representation of all the pertinent scientific knowledge of our place in the stars. If you are interested by the vastness of the cosmos and … Continue reading

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Blog on Triton, by Patrick Barry(03/05/2021)

This blog by the Nasa Science Solar System Exploration website discusses the mystery of the moon Triton. A distant body orbiting Neptune in a retrograde orbit distinguishes itself from other moons in the solar system as it was captured by … Continue reading

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The Gateways to Space

Patrick Barry                                                                                                               Dr. Barney 5th March 2021                                                                                    The Rhetorical Lives of Maps Blog Week #2 The Rocket Launch Sites[1] of the world map shows an overview of a varied array of launch sites around the globe and information … Continue reading

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