Team Map Presentation – “North Korean Prison Camps”

The map of North Korea’s concentrations camps are produced with the help of Google Earth, a highly interactive digital map. The rapid development of these satellite maps has given us the chance to analyze the countries on the other side of the world with stunning details. Some of the concentration camps are recognized in the map since those distinctive characteristics  of the geography are matched with the traits of a typical prison camps we analyze.

Typically, most of those prison camps fall within three categories: the political prison camps, labor re-education camps, and the regional collection and labor training camps. People are abused as the jailers want in those camps. Although they are categorized according their different uses, in essence, they all become a system of extortion to enforce the state’s monopoly and enrich their security forces through the power of life and death.

However, when we disclose the locations of those camps in the Google Earth and display the cruelty in the camps to the world, we haven’t thought about the problem of privacy. When we analyze the highly classified places of other countries  without permissions, is it a kind of invasion of privacy? Even if we are doing something good and trying to save people in desperate situations, we cannot avoid the discussion of such issue.

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