United States Exports and Imports of Commodities: 1967

      This map was made by the National Geographic Society, and uses annual reports for the data. As you can see, America is centered in the map with a very distinct white color compared to other countries, giving a greater importance to it. The cartographer used different widths of lines to correlate with how many imports and exports that were being transported. The four biggest being Asia, Canada, South America, and Europe. The pie charts and the bar chart in the bottom left corner give a more exact breakdown of the exports and imports of the United States.

Although  very visually pleasing, this map does reflect some of the events that were occurring throughout the 1960’s. At the time, the Cold War and the Vietnam War were at their peaks. The exports to Europe and to Southwest Asia correlate with this by having more exports to these countries. With the amount of exports the United States were sending to countries, there was bound to be some political agendas trying to be met.

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