Atlas of the U.S. Presidential Election Results

To go along with my Map of the Week “Clinton’s America,” here is a highly detailed atlas of each election result dating all the way back to 1789. Not only will this provide percentages and vote counts to further reinforce the data I had mentioned in my post about the election results based on land mass, but perhaps it will even be useful for a historical report concerning a specific president during a particular era in time. Of course, it is simple to google-search results to a presidential election, but this online atlas provides a simpler, organized, and effective way of comparing result-maps of any desired year.
Here is a blog link of miscellaneous entries regarding various presidents and political related topics over time. Here you can find blog posts from Mike Purdy, a presidential historian and author. Explore Purdy’s entries ranging from recent matters such as the most recent “political storm,” to the effect of negative campaign ads on voters, or even to a news report following electric light installations conducted by Benjamin Harrison in the Executive Mansion.

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