Atlas of the Week: Canadian Rail Atlas

Considering I wrote about airplanes for my map of the week, I thought it would be fitting to look at trains for my atlas. The Canadian Rail Atlas is a comprehensive look at Canada’s near 45,000 kilometer rail system. The atlas features a user friendly interface that allows you to view and differentiate between Class 1, shortline, tourist, commuter and intercity passenger railways, and identify features such as mile posts, passenger stations and rail crossings. It also represents changes and developments in Canada’s rail sector, making it a useful asset if you ever need to know anything about Canada’s railways.

Canadian Rail Atlas

As for my blog post, I found mine in the Map Lab section of the Wired website. It is traditionally curated by Greg Miller and Betsy Mason, and they curate blog posts and articles about mapping and how it correlates and intersects with technology. Specifically, I was fascinated by Greg Miller’s post “Spy Agency Maps Show How the Arctic is Heating Up.” There are many other great articles so I highly recommend taking a look around.

Map Lab

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