The Digital Atlas of the United States!

This atlas, The Digital Atlas of the United States, provides interesting depictions of United States’ data such as population focal points, race distribution and income distribution. This information sounds bland, and one might think, “oh great, more maps telling me wealthy people live in New York”, but I assure you, the maps are worth inspecting. The maps breakdown their topics into interesting sub-topics, and they depict, for example, income distribution based on race and occupation. The manner in which the maps present the data is interesting to compare to Mark Newman’s presentation in my blog post below. The data the atlas uses is from around 1990, which enables these maps to tell interesting historical stories. These stories are educational and entertaining; this digital atlas is worth a few minutes of examination.

William Bowen. The Digital Atlas of the United States. California: California State University, Northridge, 2000.

Robert Nogay

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