Group 2 Meeting 5

We had a very productive meeting this week. We have had two different teachers that have rotated through the classroom throughout our meetings. While both are very nice, there is one teacher in particular who has shown that she is much better at controlling the kids and is much more productive. Luckily, we had that teacher this week and she was able to motivate the kids to finish almost all the photos we need for our project. Having someone in the room who takes control and can really keep the kids focused is a huge help to us and just our overall productivity. We were also able to get started on our script. While this is just going to be a loose base, it has helped us to figure out which pictures we need to take to set the scenes up and should help us when we go to do the voice-over work in the next couple of weeks. Next week we hope to get some more input from the kids on what they want to be included in the script so that we can hopefully have their own touch on the final product outside of just the pictures. Overall, we feel really good about our progress so far. We are hopeful that we can finish the script throughout next week and after our next meeting with the kids and go into the Thanksgiving break ready to record and put together the final product.