Welcome to Leadership on Stage and Screen Lecture Podcast, Episode Seventeen.

Black Feminism, Intersectionality, and Toni Morrison

None of Shakespeare’s women are women of color… the only women who might be considered as such are mentioned only—in The Tempest, Caliban’s mother, Sycorax, and in Othello, Desdemona’s deceased maid, “Barbary.”…


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This week definitely was not the most productive in the beginning as we are finding it quite difficult to be able to direct the kids through the screen. The kids are definitely really hard to manage and I respect the teachers in the room a lot, however, the one teacher that we have is not very effective in getting the kids to listen which makes it really difficult to tell them what to do. We had a different teacher a couple of weeks ago and she was really helpful so it is difficult because we know that when they are attentive they are able to get stuff done. At the end of the class we were able to start to take some pictures of the action figures in front of the backgrounds that they drew, so we are hoping that we will be able to continue to do this next class. We are also hoping to have them record “and then he said” and little things like that, but we are going to need the help of the teacher so we are thinking that we are going to need to email her a very detailed agenda each session in order to be productive.