Meeting our group of kids was really exciting, yet very chaotic. Our group is composed of five fifth graders, ranging from very outgoing to very quiet, which I think is going to be a struggle that we make sure that we include everyone’s voices. I was really excited to meet the kids because I normally volunteer at Youth Life after school and the kids are the same age, however, due to Covid, I have been unable to do so this semester. The format of zoom was definitely super chaotic because it was hard to 1. hear them, and 2. get them to not talk over one another, however, I think that it is good that we have smaller group so that we can hopefully get them to all be able to participate. The teacher in the classroom was not super helpful in controlling them and I felt as though she maybe could’ve done a bit more, but I also could not imagine being in her shoes. Hearing the kids reactions to what happens in Much Ado was really funny because they thought that it was so outrageous that everyone is trying to fool eachother and Hero fakes her own death. A lot of their comments highlighted the importance of an adaptation that they will be able to relate to and understand because the concept of wanting to marry someone at first sight, is a little as they called it “stupid”. Overall, I am looking forward to coming into the next meeting with a better outline and idea of what we want to do now that we know how it is going to work.