Reading Response Blog Assignment

Throughout the semester, you will be asked to provide responses to the reading and film assignments for the day. You’ll find these on your Course Schedule under the headings Watch and Read. Each group will be responsible for posting and commenting.

If you are a poster, post a 2-4 paragraph entry that either 1) responds directly to the textual readings due for that day, tying at least one reading to the day’s play or film.

If you are a commenter, you must respond to three posts. At least one of those should be an un-commented-upon post (if one exists). Your response may be as short as 2-3 sentences, or may be as long as you wish. The three required comments should be in response to a “Weekly blog post” post.

Your blog entries are due most weeks of the semester (there are a total of 12). Responses are due 24 hours before class (so at 1.30pm on Sunday/Tuesday). Comments are due by class time (24 hours later).

In addition to reading responses, you will need to attend three events (movie screenings on campus or in a theatre, theatrical productions, dance or music performances—anything on stage or screen where there is a live audience) and write up brief descriptions/responses to those events. You should pay attention to who is in the audience, what they respond to, and suggest why you think they reacted in those ways.

To post, log in to WordPress, and you will be taken to the Dashboard. On the left, click on “Posts” and “Add New,” OR at the top of the screen “+New.” Type your entry. When you are done, press “Publish.” Do not worry if your post doesn’t appear immediately; often, new posts (from new posters) have to be “approved” by me before they will appear.

You are being graded on the thoughtfulness of your entries and comments, and should be respectful of others (even if you disagree with them – which is okay!). You are not being graded on your grammar or style, but you should be aware that this is a public board and avoid inappropriate statements or content.

FIRST GROUP (Joe, Lucy, Claire) will be posting mostly on Sundays, with blog posts due 24 hours before classtime on Mondays. Comments will be due mostly on Wednesdays by classtime. This team has posts/comments due by 1.30pm on the following days:

Posts Comments
2 Sept. 5 Sept.
9 Sept.
16 Sept. 19 Sept.
23 Sept. 26 Sept.
30 Sept. 3 Oct.
8 Oct. (Monday!)
17 Oct.
21 Oct. 24 Oct.
28 Oct. 31 Oct.
4 Nov. 7 Nov.
11 Nov. 14 Nov.
18 Nov.
26 Nov. (Monday!)
2 Dec.
4 Dec. 5 Dec.

SECOND GROUP (Taylor, Caroline, Julia) will be posting mostly on Tuesdays, with blog posts due 24 hours before classtime on Wednesdays. Comments will be due mostly on Mondays by classtime. This team has posts/comments due by 1.30pm on the following days:

Comments Posts
3 Sept. 4 Sept.
10 Sept.
17 Sept. 18 Sept.
24 Sept. 25 Sept.
1 Oct. 2 Oct.
7 Oct. (Sunday!)
16 Oct.
22 Oct. 23 Oct.
29 Oct. 30 Oct.
5 Nov. 6 Nov.
12 Nov. 13 Nov.
19 Nov.
25 Nov. (Sunday!)
3 Dec.
5 Dec. 4 Dec.

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