Week 2

This week was a lot better in terms of chaos and we were successful in creating a plan and getting the kids engaged. They were absolutely hilarious, maybe in some ways a little bit inappropriate for 5th graders, but we could not contain our laughter and smiles as they quoted tik toks and sang some pretty funny songs. We decided that we were going to have the kids draw the backgrounds for each scene and then use action figures to show the characters. The kids definitely had a lot of fun and were really excited about the possibilities of everything that they could draw; including a disco dance floor and beer pong which was quickly shut down. We met as a group without the kids on Wednesday to go over our game plan for the next class and decided that it would be best if we got the kids to draw while we were on google meets with them because it would be hard to get them to do so outside of class. We also decided that we might record their voices saying “and then he said” and small phrases like that so we can incorporate their voices without worrying about having to have them record the entire script.