Welcome to Leadership on Stage and Screen Lecture Podcast, Episode Sixteen.

Shakespeare’s England, Islam, and Religious Persecution

Religious conflict formed the bedrock of international relations in Shakespeare’s England, with the primary concern of the government focused on the threat of Catholic invasion or assassination throughout the reigns of both Elizabeth and James, although more the former than the latter…


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This week we began by discussing who wanted speaking roles versus working behind the scenes. We have A LOT of kids who want speaking roles. We confirmed that the group wants to use Stop Motion with pictures and Legos for the visuals of the play. We then returned to our discussion on the characters and personalities (something we worked on the week prior). The kids all have such great imagination but continue to give contradictory pieces of information but that is great for us to have many options and then we can just make the final decision. It was confirmed that they wanted Claudio to Claudia.

We have gotten to work on a script and will work to have a great potion done for our next meeting on Monday. The group of kids are great and so engaged. I think it helps that they are all at home and online rather than in a classroom together, less distractions!