I thought that this week was much easier than last week. Our group was only two kids this week, but they seemed to be more focused and excited for our project. Because we realized that our kids are hesitant about reading the lines out loud, we decided to read the lines of scene 1 to them and then asked them if they understood the point of the scene. This seemed to be a lot more productive – I think that before, they were so worried about the words they were saying that they weren’t fully paying attention to the scene as a whole. I think that in the future, we should keep showing them the scene that way so they have a better idea of what’s happening. We also started drawing out scenes which was super exciting! I think that they are getting much more into it now that they feel like they have a say in what we do, and can physically contribute to the final product. I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks go and how this project turns out!!

This week was significantly better then last week. Although only two students were in class yesterday, we had a discussion on scene one. The boys didn’t feel that comfortable reading out loud so the four of us read the lines to them and then asked them questions afterwards. Both of the boys are very interested in drawing so they immediately got into drawing pictures for scene 1! ┬áNext week we plan on doing the same thing, reading and discussing scene 2 of our act and them drawing pictures to go along.