I could not find this link last week, so I will be combining my journal entries for the first 2 weeks. We essentially performed the same tasks both weeks, simply getting to know the students we are working with and making them familiar with the context of the play. They were a bit more misbehaved in week 2, taking a while to calm and quiet down, but they have agreed to doing artwork that they will read over with a voice memo as our group’s contribution to the overall film. We will likely need to practice reading most of anything else we do, as the kids seemed excited to do art, but are not as strong of readers. We have gotten up to scene 3 in our act, so perhaps over the next 2 weeks we can finish reading through, so that the kids know the entire act well, and are able to finally decide which characters they want to be!

Week two with the kids ran more efficiently because of the extensive game plan that India came up with (that was so helpful). The game plan helped us create a warm up (roses and thorns), activity (creating the script) and a cool down (briefly covering expectations for the next week). The kids had so much energy and enthusiasm about the project. The energy wasn’t contained most of the time and often led derailments. The interruptions and derailments led to a lot of time spent trying to get everyone to focus back on writing the script that the script is only a quarter way done.   However, I can’t complain becaud\se the kids seem so happy and excited that its hard to be frustrated.