Week 7

This was our last and final meeting which was very bittersweet. Before our meeting on Thursday our group got together during our normal class time on Wednesday to go over and record the script. We all experimented with different voices to showcase different characters and were in hysterics over some of them (all I have to say is be on the lookout for Jack’s Jon impression in Act 2 it is truly something else). I think that our group got along really well and had strong communication skills each week that allowed us to succeed in completing the project.

Just before our meeting on Thursday Aaron finally sent the pictures but we were missing a few so Kat got creative with some stick figures and cropping but she ended up completing it and we are all really proud of it. We had the students say their names and do an introduction in the beginning so that they could have credit for their hard work and also had them do a bit of narration for those who were eager to read or “rap” the script. We are super excited for the students and everyone else to see the final project!