We recorded the rest of the scenes today!!

There were definitely times where students struggled with words in the script (i.e., deserved, benched) but the teacher and sometimes other students would jump in to help pronounce it. I’m not sure how consistent they kept the character – figurine pairings, but finishing the recordings took priority over those other details. Today was the first day, in my opinion, they seemed as focused and determined to get through the script. I’m not sure if this was because of pressure from the teacher or they were finally excited to be putting all of our work into action.

Overall, I’m glad we were able to have the students play a more active role in the final product. As much fun as it would have been for me to do audio over their drawings, I think this is more engaging and memorable in the long run. Communication with the community partner and technology issues have been the main obstacles throughout the semester but the students seemed to have enjoy the experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the final Act 5 video come together.