This week was especially difficult because we had a very hard time getting the kids engaged. Especially over Zoom, it’s really hard to get them to do things they very clearly did not want to do. We tried to ask them what they did for Halloween, and tried to segue that into working, but they were not responding. It’s tough because we are on such a tight timeline (because we have 5 scenes total and only 5 sessions to work with them) our goal was to have one scene a week done.

I also think that it’s especially hard because two out of the three students there are not involved in the drawing process. One student is extremely talented and it’s awesome to see what he comes up with, but it’s hard to get the other two involved if they aren’t confident in their artistic abilities but also don’t feel comfortable recording the lines to put over the art. I think that if we were meeting in person, it would be easier to motivate them and help them contribute, but over Zoom it’s hard to really see what’s happening and come up with solutions online.

Hopefully this week they are a little more excited to work and we can try and get back on track (because their contributions so far have been amazing, it makes me hopeful for the next few weeks)!!