This meeting was a mess… Because there was a no show last meeting and the fact it was our last week to meet, we hoped we would be very productive and finish all the drawings. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet with them until 4 o’clock, giving us 20 minutes to talk with them. On top of that there were some technical issues, but communicated with them over the chat. As of right now we have pictures for scenes 1-2 and zero pictures for scenes 3-5. The kids promised to send us all the pictures by Thursday, so fingers crossed!

This week was unfortunate because our students did not show up. We weren’t sure if there were connectivity issues or if there was a schedule mix-up, but it was sad that we couldn’t check in on their progress. We are still waiting on getting the drawings from the other scenes in our Act, so hopefully this week we will have a better idea of where we stand and how much we need to get accomplished before the deadline. Fingers crossed they were able to get some stuff done when we weren’t meeting!!

In terms of the project, we’ve decided that half of us will be responsible for getting the audio voiceovers done and the other half will work on making sure the drawings are done on time. I’m super excited to see how it turns out in the end!

This week our kids did not show up. I was actually kind of sad because I wanted to see their drawings and talk to them. We sent an email to the program director, Aaron, and he said there must have been some connectivity issue and he was not in that day. Obviously with so many moving parts and the complexity of technology, we expected some hiccups. I am a little nervous about getting the kids to finish everything for the next time we meet but we just have to roll with the punches so to speak. I’m looking forward to finishing everything up and finally watching our video and the other group’s acts!


This week we did not meet with our group. No one answered our Google Meet Call and we emailed the teacher. Hopefully was just a mix up and we will be able to week with them for meeting 7! Our last meeting we need to finish the pictures and get the pervious ones they drew.

I will be 3 hours into an appointment at the dentist while my group meets this week, but I am making up for it by being responsible for all voice recordings for the final project, as I will be with a group that can do all of the necessary voices.

As for my pre-show entry, I am very excited for our final product, as we are going to have more active audio than visual. However, our visuals are provided all by the kids, which makes them special. We plan on basically having a slideshow of their drawings (that go with what is happening/encapsulate each scene), and then have a voiceover of the actual scene’s dialogue set to it. Maybe we will need to add music to make it more lively, but so far we are excited for how it will turn out!