Today we had more students than last time but a lot less focus. We really did not get much done except for assigning a few pictures for the kids to get started on. I do not think they had a teacher present which is why the kids were pretty unfocused for the most part. I think the fact that we didn’t have a concrete plan for the meeting today also contributed to things. We gave the kids homework to get started on the pictures throughout the week, and then we will go from there.

This week was definitely hard getting the kids motivated to work. We all collectively read scene II, Act III and discussed what had happened, answering their questions, and ways the can draw the main ideas. However after all of that, it was tough getting them to actually work and start drawing. They promised they will have them done by next class. We hope next class they will be more motivated and into the project because we plan to do both scene III and IV.

We have moved on to having the kids draw pictures that correlate to each scene that we can then put to voiceovers for our final product. Last week we got great drawings done for the first scene, but this week when we tried to get them going on scene 2 they were very distracted. We reminded them that anything they don’t do now they have to do later, so they sketched a bit in the end but did not finish. We are hoping to catch up/do a scene a week for the rest of our time together so we have drawings for the entire act by the end of our time working with the kids,