Welcome to Leadership on Stage and Screen Lecture Podcast, Episode Eighteen.

Civil Rights, MLK, Malcolm X, and Rodney King

When it comes to the Civil Rights movement in the United States, most people immediately think first of Martin Luther King, Jr. His charismatic style of speaking—adapted from his Baptist ministerial training—enabled him to reach out not only to his own congregation…

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This week we focused our efforts on the visuals we need to create for Act 1 which included drawings of the characters and the scenery. The kids continued to seem really excited about the play and gave us lots of feedback. Although I was surprised that not as many kids wanted to do drawings, one kid ended up volunteering for a lot of them. I think the next step is to do the recordings of the audio for each scene, the script is finished. Microsoft teams continues to kind of confuse me and I am not sure exactly how we plan to get the recordings and whether we are able to do it directly through teams and do a recording or if we will need to use some other software.