We are now on Week #4 … Crazy! The kids are definitely still very excited about the project, but are still having issues concentrating. The kids seem to not have a teacher present or if they do, I have no clue where they are because the kids are in my opinion out of control. We barely got through the warm up and assigned what kids would draw which scenes. However, it was like pulling teeth just to have a session. The kids are really great but I just don’t understand why we don’t have another supervisor working with us on the other side.


Example of script:


  • Claudio gets really jealous, because he likes Hero and wanted to be the king, and makes a big scene at the dance. He tells everyone the rumor from John, that Hero is only pretending to be interested in him for popularity, and then everyone boos Hero out of the dance before she has a chance to explain! 
    • “I heard that Joy still gotta Samsung”
    • “That is not true! And yes, maybe I do…” 
  • Bea and Ben offer to walk Hero home from the dance, they believe Hero and know that John spread rumors
    • “Oh, I’m so sad…” “Don’t worry, she ugly anyway”
    • “Catch her outside, how about that”
  • Pedro and John from the football team leave the dance in solidarity with Claudio
  • As they all walk home, Bea and Ben try to comfort Hero who is really sad and embarrassed. It’s during this walk that Hero decides she is going to delete all of her social media and take a break from school. 
    • People have been sooooo rude
    • Why are people coming at me… 
    • Yes girl…
    • I’m gonna block these people and this account… should I block them? Should I do it? 
    • Yes, do you girl! 
  • Once Hero is gone, Bea is really mad and tells Ben (they like each other) that she wants Ben to confront the football guys about what Claudio did 
    • “Girl you look so depressed, what’s wrong? You gone tell me what’s wrong?”
    • “People were telling rumours about me saying I got turned down, but I didn’t get turned down. I turned HIM down. I’m tired of people… can you talk to them?”
    • “Imma be the baddest one and I’m gonna walk out of here!”


The Group is full of hilarious ideas. The kids have so much energy and love to perform. However, that being said, it is like pulling teeth just trying to get the kids to focus and participate. The kids have so much energy and i feel like if we were in person then we could get a lot of that energy out. I think that we have tried to strategize ways to combat that through games. I think that has helped to a certain extent but I wish that the teacher present could step in and regain the attention from time to time.


Main plot points of the Homecoming Scene: 

  • Everyone is at the homecoming dance, Bea and Ben go together, Hero and Claudio meet each other there
    • Take 1
      • People dancing, balloons everywhere, green screen in corner with pictures, fruit punch, dancing with cup in hand, slow jams 
      • Ben: “What’s up, Bea? Glad to see you here.” “Hey, you wanna go out?” “You look MAD good, you heard?” 
      • Bea: “Friendzone…”
      • That’s a green 
    • Take 2
      • Oh, is that Kevin? **Screams in excitement about seeing crush**
      • “I’m gonna go up to him”


This week we came to the group with a rough draft script we wrote from scratch. We focused on making it very modern and bringing out Beatrice’s attitude. We have many kids who want speaking roles so we rotated running through lines. In addition, we focused more specifically on what the kids wanted to see in each scene and how we intend to display the visuals. They are all on board with doing stop- motion with pictures. I am a little curious how all the visuals will be completed since each student is online from their home rather  than in a classroom all together. Another solid week with the kids and next week we hope to start producing the visuals and recording!