We had a late start to our meeting on Monday because there was a sub in class. The sub was super helpfully and interested in our project with the students. We were running a little behind our plan before this week because they kids have been a little unmotivated and not wanting to do work while we met with them, but the sub made sure none of that happened. She immediately wanted to learn what the project was and got the kids right to work! They were so productive! So by next week we just need two more drawings for the last two scenes.

Week 4 was a very productive meeting for us. We were missing some of our regular students, but the 3 boys that were there were very active. It took a little while to get them under control and attentive but once we did, we began to make a lot of progress. They had all the action figures and we were able to assign each character to a corresponding action figure. They also had finished a lot of the background images for the scenes, which was very promising! We started figuring out the positioning for the action figures and they started taking pictures of the characters in front of the backgrounds! For the next meeting, we want to compile a list of the pictures that we want, so we could get all of that done on Thursday, and focus on the script!

Our 3rd meeting was marred by technological issues. We weren’t on the call for a very long time because they kept cutting out, and eventually didn’t join again. However, they did tell us that they were planning on getting their action figures for the next meeting so we could start taking pictures for the backgrounds of our scenes. Jack was able to get in touch with our point person to tell the students to keep working on their drawings. We wish we could have had a more productive meeting but we feel that given the circumstances and how far along we were, that we were not as concerned about the meeting. We think as long as the kids can finish the scene drawings by the next meeting we’ll be in a very good place and will have made up for lost time.

Yesterday we met with our students again and they were as unmotivated as ever. Luckily the teacher we had was a sub, but she also was a girl boss who got sh*t done and was pretty tough with the kids, helping us stray from distractions and funny business. She had them finish drawings so we are now at a point where 3/5 scenes have drawings. We still need her to send them though. We are HOPING that by the end of next session, we have all the pictures we will need to put the scene together.