Week 4 JSP

This week’s meeting was one of the most exciting so far, as we read our first draft of the script to the kids and they loved it! Each member of our group wrote a scene from Act 1 and we randomly assigned roles to the kids and had them read it aloud. I was really surprised to see how excited the kids were and also how animated they were when reading the script! They got really into the roles and lines and had a lot of fun. It was really cool to see the adaptation of the play really come to life! The only issue we face now is actually assigning the roles; the kids are all really enthusiastic about being involved so it will be hard to decide who gets to play which character. We thought of potentially giving the characters multiple actors so that more of the kids could be involved, but that is still up for discussion.

Our script definitely still needs a few tweaks and changes to make sure it lines up with the rest of the acts, but overall we are doing well and on track!