Group 2 Meeting 2

Our second meeting with our kids went much better than the first one. While the kids were a little shy at first, we ended up having a very productive meeting. We started by creating a short document listing the main characters and the basic plot points of each of our scenes, which really helped to convey what was happening to the kids. Afterward, we talked with the kids about how they want to portray the different scenes. They seemed split between drawing and using action figures, so we settled on a compromise of drawing some backgrounds and using the action figures as the characters to act out the scenes. After that, we discussed each of the scenes and talked about some of the scenes, and gave the kids some ideas about what they could draw. The students seemed to get more excited and into the project after talking about it in detail. It was a very promising second meeting and I am excited to see what the kids make in the coming weeks. I thought creating a worksheet for the kids so that they could look at who the characters are and an outline of what happens in each scene was really helpful for us and them. Given the difficulties with communication over Google Meet, giving the kids a visual resource really helped us communicate key aspects of the project. I am excited about what they are going to come up with in the coming weeks.