Steve Jobs, the iHero – Innovative, Imaginative, Ingenious

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

11 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, the iHero – Innovative, Imaginative, Ingenious

  1. Nice recap… and like others, it overlooks the period where Steve Jobs was dismissed by Apple and he built the Next computer company. Possibly because most people don’t know the Next.

    The company faultered and ultimately failed. However, when Jobs returned to Apple, he brought all the lessons learned and technologies created at Next to Apple. These technologies ultimately resulted in the new operating system OS-X – possibly the best operating system for popular computers.

    We are shaped as much by our successes as we are by our failures. Steve certainly turned his failure into a resounding, if not advertised, success.

  2. What a powerful and gentle summation of this man, Steve Jobs. I wish I had known him! The (-)that is the dash between the day he was born and the day he died – was a wonderful 56 years of well used intelligence! Thank you, my friend, for this fine heroic tribute.

  3. Steve Jobs was such an influential figure. People use his products everywhere on a daily basis and they never stop to think of the incredible genius behind it all. He was truly an innovator that was never satisfied with standing still. We can learn from his example and can al strive to better ourselves and the world that we live in. i am grateful that I lived in his era and got to witness the rise of his greatness.

  4. It is always sad to lose an inspirational hero. I think Steve Jobs was one of the greatest creator and has had a tremendous effect on the way we live our life. His additions to advancements in technological devices have definitely changed our lives. I am a proud owner of his apple products and I would like to say that they are my favorite and most helpful gadgets. I thank him and applaud for his inventions.

  5. Having spent most of my childhood and young adulthood in the years in which Steve Jobs was creating and inventing, it is truly hard for me to imagine a world without his influence. From iPods, to iPhones, to Macbooks, to iPads, these inventions have become a part of the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. The ideas of Steve Jobs were so revolutionary and so visionary that it really is unbelievable how much our thoughts and behaviors have been shaped by his impact. Even though Jobs has passed away, his concepts, visions and ideas will undoubtedly live on for years to come.

  6. Steve Jobs is the perfect example of the marriage of innovation and invention. His influence on the world has been so immeasurable. I admire him for having the kind of mind that can come up with inventions that consumers cannot get enough of. Steve Jobs acted under the notion “They don’t know what they want until I give it to them” so successfully because he came up with products that completely changed the technological world.

  7. Steve Jobs, an incredibly influential figure, inspired thousands of people both inside and out of the realm of the technological world. His products are used every single day, yet people often times fail to recognize what sheer genius went into creating it all. The influence that iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and iPods have on our lives is simply immeasurable. While I was terribly saddened by his death, he will never be forgotten.

  8. Steve Jobs has indeed revolutionized the world with his innovations and outlook on the future. Referring to him as the iHero is perfectly fitting for such an amazing and influencing person that will definitely be missed. Jobs’ view that one should look into the future and things will work themselves out is a great outlook on life, especially since he knew that his would not last much longer. His impact on the world will forever be remembered.

  9. The news of Steve Jobs passing spread like wild fire throughout the country. His innovative technology revolutionized the world and effected everyone. His inventions are astonishing and truly changed the future technology. He was highly influential and encouraged everyone to dream big and push past limitations. Steve Jobs is a true hero and will be missed by all.

  10. Steve Jobs has left an enormous mark on the world. The way he thought about innovation and business practices was very unique. He trusted his gut, which is normally looked down upon because there is no proof in your gut. Normally business decisions are made after countless hours of deliberating amongst your most respected employees. But Steve Jobs made it so Apple looked at business a different way, and it was a very successful way.

  11. Jobs left Apple overvalued, unsustainable and dependent on egregious labour practices. The company makes quite popular phones and laptops; neither item matters very much. It seems to me that the very idea of heroism is devalued by this solipsistic hysteria. Get over it.

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