John Lennon: The Hero Who Gave Peace a Chance

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

29 thoughts on “John Lennon: The Hero Who Gave Peace a Chance

  1. Dear Scott and George
    Many thanks for the factual, insightful article about John. I have devoted my life to Lennon research (and am currently publishing the second book in a nine book series on his life), and I’m so touched by the long-deserved accolades you’ve given the unsung (but singing) hero who was John. He would have been quite touched by this, as am I. Thank you for seeing him as he would have liked to be seen. Your evalutaion is spot-on.
    Jude Southerland Kessler
    Author of Shoulda Been There and Shivering Inside

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Jude. I love your phrase, “The unsung (but singing) hero” — perhaps that should have been the subtitle of our post! I attended the vigil at Central Park in 1980 and the outpouring of love and grief was palpable. I look forward to reading your series of books on Lennon’s life.

  3. That was quite a shocking day; I still remember vividly seeing that headline in the Globe. John Lennon was an amazing talent (usually at his best when partnered with McCartney, but “Imagine” and “Give Peace A Chance” are classics as well), and he was an integral part of a wondrous period in history, a second American Revolution. We could use another Revolution or Renaissance like that right about now.

    This was a good choice for an article, Scott and George. John Lennon has inspired countless people, and through them will inspire future generations. 🙂

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  5. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate the thought you put into it. I have tried to start a blog before and always get lost along the way. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the choice of person, the Beatles were always a great advocate for peace, and identifying them as a hero was a great decision. Its a little unfortunate his life ended before he had the opportunity to reach all of world and be the peace role model.

  7. i admire the choice of person this group is remarkable, and everyone has been inspired by there work, and they will always be one of the best bands ever

  8. Thanks for this interesting post on John Lennon – he was not only one of the most talented musicians; he also knew how to use his talents for even higher causes – such as peace on Earth. He didn’t have much luck in his life, especially when he was a boy and later on when he had to fight his demons. But he always was such a nice, charismatic person.

  9. In my mind John Lennon was just the same hero he would’ve been had he lived today. His heroism stems from his music and peace work and his death unfortunately cut out his potential deeds, but magnified the work he had already done. I think John Lennon is one of music’s greatest heroes and his songs provide inspiration to millions around the world in their everyday lives. Who knows what Lennon hit inspired someone to do something great or go the extra mile?

  10. This is cool one huh’. I have read John Lennon life’s before, how her ex wife cheat over him and found new partner. John Lennon will always be the trademark of music.!!!

  11. re: My favorite all time songs is “Imagine”

    I agree, there are so many other wonderful songs, but this just strikes a chord.

  12. I’ve known John Lennon since I was a child. Their albums were my father’s collection and I’ve been hearing their beautiful songs very well. He is one of a kind. A hero for many people.

  13. One thing that heroes often need to do is dare to be different, and that is something that helps place John Lennon in the category of hero. It is admirable that he was willing to take the risk of musical failure by insisting on writing his own songs, and by then using the lyrics to inspire all his listeners to live their lives with peace. Music is one of the greatest influences on people; the lyrics can shape the ways individuals think about their lives and about the world. One of the most inspiring things a musician can do is use their lyrics for good, and it is something that John Lennon was able to accomplish above and beyond normal expectations. He should forever be regarded as one of the world’s greatest songwriters because of how he used his lyrics to revolutionize the way that people thought.

  14. It is always nice to know that there are heroic qualities in people with such an amazing talent. It almost makes their work more appealing. Lennon is, with out a doubt, one of the biggest pop-culture icons of all time and his music and rebellious ways have inspired many to speak out and stand up for what they believe. Lennon not only gave the world the gift of his musical talent, but also inspired his listeners in other heroic ways.

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