Incident Information System

The Incident Information System ( allows people to find information about wildfires and report new fire incidents. By searching a state, one can find any wildfires in the area and read about the situation’s status, coordinates, fire type and size, and view related news articles and photographs in a full report on the incident. The ability to file reports and have all relevant information in one place is valuable in an effort to prevent wildfires and inform the public on fires in the United States. It can also be useful to scientists conducting research on topics like climate change where abundant country-wide information on wildfires would be beneficial.

One thought on “Incident Information System

  1. I like the idea of an all encompassing database or compilation of information. I agree that having everything in one place is super helpful, and makes it much easier for those trying to map and model these fire events. I am curious about how often the site is updated, like if the information is processed on a daily basis, and based on that, just how frequently wildfires occur in the US.

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