New Online Tool Highlights Landslide Risk

USGS has recently released a new online tool that highlights landslide risks across the country. This interactive map provides centralized access to information about landslide occurrence, and can be used as a good starting point for the public, city and emergency planners, as well as researchers interested in landslides, to go to for information. This tool marks the first attempt of a federal agency to systematically catalog all of the landslide data across the country into one centralized location, and will be incredibly useful to all interested parties. Each landslide recorded on the map can be selected, and additional information about the event will be provided, including the date of the event, and notes regarding the extent and aftermath of each event. One clear potential benefit of the tool is to show more at-risk areas of landslides, so individuals can either avoid those areas or prepare restraining walls, or other measures, to minimize landslide damage.

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2 thoughts on “New Online Tool Highlights Landslide Risk

  1. This map seems like a great way to monitor landslide risks and can be really informative for people deciding where they may want to build homes or visit as well as more larger development companies and local communities.

  2. This seems like a really interesting tool! I am curious what percent of data they have uploaded, and from what sources. For example, Utah seems almost entirely mapped out, while Kansas only has data in major cities. Granted, I doubt Kansas has many landslides to begin with, but it seems Utah has either fully uploaded their data, has a lot of landslides, or just does a better job of getting data points from around their state.

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