Live Tracking of Winds, Currents, and Chemicals,20.41,306

Earth.nullschool is a site that has an interactive map that shows the live wind currents of various altitudes and the speed of these winds. It gathers its data through GFS, NCEP, and US National Weather ServiceOne. It allows the viewer to can see the winds from surface area wind to 10 hPa. The relation of winds and humidity, precipitation, temperature, and cloud cover can also be observed through overlays. The map also has other data related to wind. It also shows the degree of Chemicals and loose particulars in the atmosphere on surface level and the wind affecting it. One can see the concentrations of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and sulfur dioxide at surface level. While the viewable particles consist of Sulfate and Dust Extinction.

This interactive map is not just limited to the Atmosphere. It also shows data on the Hydrosphere, specifically on the oceans. One of the maps options is viewing the waves and currents in the ocean. It also shows the sea surface temperature, temperature anomalies, and wave significance.

Although this data is interesting to view, it does not allow the collection of data and is therefore not very useful in that regard. However, it is an interesting website that allows geographers to see real time data on various subjects making it a valuable tool in that regard.