Geoguessr — Interactive Geography Game


Geoguessr is a fun interactive game that is designed to stimulate the geography sides inside people. It utilizes the services of google maps to produce images. The user is dropped in a random location somewhere in the world. There are a myriad of types of locations that one can be dropped: middle of the ocean, national monuments, sometimes even inside of caves. One must use their knowledge and inference skills to observe their surroundings and ultimately make a guess about where in the world they have been dropped.

One should attempt to make observations about both the physical geography and human geography elements that are around them. Geoguessr tests one’s geography knowledge as one looks around their surroundings; taking note of soil color, tree type, architecture, vegetation, and landscape, in order to make a guess about where one is. To be successful, the player must pick up on various clues to help make an accurate guess. This is a very engaging and educational game!!

2 thoughts on “Geoguessr — Interactive Geography Game

  1. I found this site really interesting and interactive. I was dropped on some dirt road in the middle of the first and had no clue where I was. I had originally thought I was in the United States because of the forested tree, but as I continued down the road I saw a road sign written in what looked like and was Swedish. This really made me observe my surrounding and test my knowledge on physical geography

  2. The game makes you actually analyze the physical geography of an area. This is a fun way to test your knowledge. Plant distribution, elevation, and water and help you find your location.

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