Geocube – The world of Geography

This fascinating geography tool is based on the idea of Rubik Cube, with six faces that cover fifty-four geographic topics. It contains numerous videos and informative descriptions about different aspects of physical geography, and is extremely easy to use online. The Geocube was created by the European Network for Geography in Higher Education(HERODOT), and is available to the general public.

The topics that the Geocube’s six sides represent are widely varying, and provide a great overview of our earth systems. In addition to having videos represent every aspect of the cube, there is also a written description of each side of the Geocube. The six sides are: the fascinating earth, living together, shrinking planet, useful geographies, exploring our world, and the earth from all angles.

The different sides of the Geocube covers everything ranging from humans living in harmony with each other and the environment, to the affects and causes of earthquakes and tsunamis. This is an incredibly valuable geographic tool, and displays all of the earth’s systems and geographic aspects in an easy to use and concise method.

The link to the Geocube website is here:

3 thoughts on “Geocube – The world of Geography

  1. This is a really cool website! I like how it takes a lot of different information on different areas and compiles it all into one space that is easily accessible. It is a great way to connect different spheres.

  2. I agree that this is a really awesome idea for a website. The fact that it portrays critical information about the global environment in such an interactive way is a great way to get people to visit the site and read the information. I also like how it offers such a broad array of information. I think this is a great way to visualize how the different spheres of the Earth work together and interact. I also like how it deals with human’s responsibility toward our environment.

  3. This is a really cool concept. There were a lot of glitches though and I was expecting more from the information provided. It just seemed to give a general overview without providing specific information. So, great idea but I think it definitely needs to be expanded.

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