South African National Parks


If anyone is headed over the South Africa this summer for the World Cup or any other reason one of the great things to do is visit their National Parks.  I was able to do this back in 2005 and it was amazing.  I reccomend the Kruger National Park myself, but I was only able to visit a couple of them.  Depending on which park you choose to visit and how much time you want to spend there, the option of staying overnight could be available.  Additionally, if you or someone in your party is not a “camper” per se there are some resort style options set up inside certain parks.

The south african national parks website provides intracate details about each park and even helps you set up and plan trips.  Check you the website if you are interested in learning about the different wildlife available in africa and the differences between their national parks and ours here in the United States.

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  1. I like the website, there is indeed a lot of information in it. I found Karoo National Park’s Springbrok and Cape Mountain Zebra really interesting sights.

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