Worldometers is a site that has world statistics updated in real time. It divides the tickers by World Population, Government & Economics, Society & Media, Environment, Food, Water, Energy, and Health. It was featured on BBC News. Focusing mainly on the Environment statistics, we can see how many animals have gone extinct this year, forest land lost, CO2 emissions, current average temperatures and desertification throughout the year. This is related to the biosphere because it is about humans and their interaction with the world, and animals.

3 thoughts on “Worldometers

  1. This website is very interesting. I was particularly drawn to the “Environment” portion because today is Earth Day and it’s interesting that they show the negative attributes like the forests lost this year for instance.

  2. This looks like a great site. People have no idea how their actions like urbanization or raw material foraging can affect animals and their habitats. Once a species is gone, it can’t come back, so there should definitely be a focus on saving most if not all endangered species.

  3. I have to admit that I spent a while just looking at the numbers steadily increase on the Worldometers page. It is interesting to try to put global numbers into perspective. I was very surprised discovering that 44,814 species have gone extinct just in this year! That number is far higher than I ever would have predicted. For this statistic and all the statistics on this website I am interested to learn how they are determined. Overall I am very intrigued, but also a bit disconcerted by this website and the information it supplies.

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