Winston Churchill: The Resilient Hero

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

6 thoughts on “Winston Churchill: The Resilient Hero

  1. Jeff (and Scott and George), this is a great overview of Churchill’s contributions. I’m surprised you didn’t mention FDR. Didn’t Churchill and FDR work together to stop the Nazis? I would be very grateful if you could reply. Thank you.

  2. Sean, you’re absolutely right that FDR played a big role, but I had to keep the post short. FDR possessed several of the Great Eight traits of leadership himself. Winston knew that the United States would have to be involved ultimately in order to beat the Nazis, but FDR had to slowly convince the American people that they could not be isolationist. FDR’s lend-lease program, for example, helped keep England fighting. , and Winston had a great relationship, which was probably quite crucial (like Reagan and Gorbachev becoming friendly and then working on arms reduction). When Winston was in the White House and taking one of his beloved baths, FDR walked in on him, and then apologized. Winston dramatically stood up and said, “I have nothing to hide from the President of the United States.”

  3. Talk about the right man at the right time. The world we live in would likely be a significantly different place if not for Churchill; certainly the history of the 20th Century would be. And he certainly did have a devastating wit– three quarters of a century later, I’ve been known to recycle some of those quips myself. 😀

  4. Winston Churchill is a hero. I couldn’t agree more with the idea that wit is an important quality for heroes to have. Churchill seems like a likeable man whose ability to be candidly honest made him stand apart from the crowd and allowed him to be a leader.

  5. Churchill is truly an inspiring person and perfectly personifies the word resilience. Unlike most heroes, who rise to the top and remain there, the life of Churchill was a constant roller coaster. He would be up and then back down, over and over again. Most people would have given up or not been able to deal with the depression or disease. However, Churchill did not, rather he kept on pushing. If not for his steadfastness then the world would be a mush different place today.

  6. I really enjoyed this blog post. To be a great leader you must have the demeanor and charisma to get the support of your country. This is exactly was Churchill had. This is one of the greatest Priministers England will ever have.

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