Jack is Back: JFK Elected 50 Years Ago

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

4 thoughts on “Jack is Back: JFK Elected 50 Years Ago

  1. And he put us on the moon. 8)

    He is truly an iconic figure. Not only because of his intelligence and charm and youth, but because of what he represented; a rebirth of America, the second American Revolution. The 60s represented a huge change in society, a flowering of freedom, an abandoning of old ways and an embracing of new ways– just like the first Revolution. We’ve backslid a bit since then, but the progress that was made cannot be undone, and JFK’s smiling face– preserved in youth by an assassin’s bullet– represents that great age.

  2. I completely agree with you RJDiogenes… what a mark JFK made on history in such a short presidency. I find him to be a fascinating President, especially after reading the latest memoir that has recently been put out about him, titled, “The Kennedy Detail” by Gerald Blaine. This compelling story takes you inside the Secret Service during President John F. Kennedy's administration€”giving you a window into history like you've never seen before. He was truly an amazing President and is dearly missed, especially by those who were close to him.

  3. JFK became my “hero” in 1960 & he remains so 50 years later. I was 15 years old when he died & I followed his lead into public service becoming a US History teacher in public schools & have just completed 40 years.

    JFK, as has been commented above, brought youth & vitality to a nation and world in the process of great change. He inspired with his youthful appeal and call for service. I would like to invite readers to check out my website at freewebs.com/jrwhite21/ which overviews JFK’s life & death and my interest in him.

  4. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This quote exemplifies the quality of selflessness, which is a quality that is greatly lacking in the world today. John F. Kennedy may be glorified as a hero because he is frozen in time due to being assassinated, but these words he spoke in his inaugural speech, speak true to the actions he took as President. Selflessness is a quality that heroes must possess because they are looking out for others, or the greater good. JFK was definitely an inspiring President and it is sad that his time was cut short, however, we can continue to learn from his legacy and the heroic words he left behind.

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