Final Assignment Description – Kobi White

My topic is:

Toxic masculinity with African American males through the music industry and how that bleeds over into the lives of every day African American males

I chose it because:

I thought about “Charlene” by Anthony Hamilton and I noticed the emotion that was evident in his music video. I figured that I could make a topic out of this because I notice that it’s not just with Anthony Hamilton, but with a lot of the male R&B singers within the music industry.

The pieces of media I am using are:

Anthony Hamilton’s “Charlene” music video

Tyrese’s “Stay” music video

Maxwell – “This Woman’s Work”

The 3 keywords I will be applying are:

  • Stereotype
  • Representation
  • Intersectionality

How does this topic speak to media, culture, and identity?

This topic speaks to media, culture, and identity due to the fact that African American men are always portrayed in a negative light but these artists with their music have shown that men can indeed be emotional human beings. At the end of the day, we are all human regardless of our race or gender. This is a culture that has been shaped through the media portrayal of the stereotypes of African American men being lazy, thugs, or uneducated.

In-class readings/media and scholarly sources I plan to cite are (identify at least 5):

  • Kimberle Crenshaw’s TED talk regarding intersectionality
  • Stereotype reading from Ellen Seiter in Keywords for Media Studies book
  • Representation reading from Lisa Henderson in Keywords for Media Studies book
  • Two scholarly articles

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  • April 4, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Make sure that the viewer understands that you are talking about a very specific genre of music and not all of music. I’d also think about time/ periodization. Are you looking at all of African American music? I’d focus on a certain time period and make it clear why you are doing that. I noticed that most of the songs that you want to focus on came out around 2010. I’d ground your video in what was going on around 2010 as well, which will make it clearer why you are focusing on these three hits. Also consider using stats, views, billboard to convey how popular these songs were then!

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