Final Assignment

Media makes arguments through different forms such as sound (ex. music), images (ex. movies and TV), and embodiment (ex. VR). While we are used to making arguments through words, we less often make arguments through the very media we study. For the final assignment, we will use moving images and sound to analyze media using keywords – the critical analytical tools that we have developed over the course of the semester.  At least 3 keywords much be applied and you can’t use media, culture or identity. The assignment has two components:

1. 3-5 minute videographic criticism
2. 1000-1500 word reflection paper

Possible approaches include:

– Pick a piece of media (ex. film, social media platform, algorithm) to analyze.
– Use 3 keywords to critically analyze the media of your choice.

– Pick 3 keywords (ex. race, gender, representation).
– Identify pieces of media (ex. TV shows, film scenes, magazines) that circulate the keywords.

Creativity is encouraged!

And here is the Rubric.

Reflection Paper:

  • 1000-1500 words
  • All standard paper writing expectations apply.
  • Citations and Works Cited required. (No citations and works cited will result in a 0.)

Goal of the paper is to:

  1. Explain why and how you picked your object of study.
  2. State explicitly in writing the argument of your video, including which three keywords shaped the analysis.
  3. Reflect on the process of making an argument about media through media.
  4. Reflect on how your video and the process of making the video shaped your understanding of media, culture, and identity.

The paper should address the following questions:

  • Why did you select this topic?
  • What is the argument of your piece?
  • What are the three keywords that you chose to apply and why? Did you consider other keywords? If so, why did you choose the ones that you did?
  • How and why did you make decisions for the pieces of media that you used?
  • How did the process of making your video shape how you understand media, culture, and identity?

The paper should be posted to our course website with a link to the final video by December 14th. Add the category “Final Cut and Reflection Paper”.


Final Assignment Description – Blog Post

By March 27, please post your “Final Assignment Description”. To make sure your post appears in the right section of the website, make sure under Categories to select “Final Assignment Blog Post”.  The answer to questions 1-5 should be a short paragraph.  The Post should answer the following the following:

My topic is:


I chose it because:


The pieces of media I am using are:


The 3 keywords I will be applying are:


How does this topic speak to media, culture, and identity?


In-class readings/media and scholarly sources I plan to cite are (identify at least 5):


Following our in-class workshop, you will be asked to update your blog post by April 3. The posts will be graded pass/fail.