Field Investigation Instructions

“Media, Culture and Identity” is a course designed to challenge students to consider how media shapes culture and identity and vice versa. Part of this challenge requires recognition that the important time we share together twice a week is only a starting point for grappling with these issues. With this in mind, the goal of the Field Investigation Assignment is to provide an opportunity to make explicit connections by analyzing an experience outside the classroom in relation to course materials and themes.

Each student is required to attend one (1) campus activity that is course related. Once you find an event (on- or off-campus) you would like to count toward this assignment, please let me know. Please feel free to share events during class announcements as well.

In addition to attending an event, each student is required to write a paper of approximately 2 pages reviewing the event and linking it explicitly to the course. The paper must include:

  1. A brief summary of the event, including when it took place, where, and what happened. For instance, if you attend a lecture, you must explain what the lecture was about (in 3-4 sentences, approximately). If you screened a film, you must give a brief overview of the film’s plot (again in roughly 3-4 sentences).
  2. A discussion of the event in relation to our course. Is there a direct connection between the event and our course (i.e. a topic or theme we’ve read about/discussed)? Is there an implicit connection between the event and our course? If so, what is it?  How does “Media, Culture and Identity” help inform your experience of the event? Apply at least 2 keywords to help answer these questions. Please note: by “connection” to the course, you need to mention something specific: a reading, a film, an image, etc. Without making explicit connections to course materials, a paper will earn no higher than a C (or 1.7).
  3. A properly formatted works cited or bibliography along with appropriate in-text citations (either footnotes or parentheticals, depending on whether you use Chicago or APA style, respectively).


The paper should be submitted as a post on the course website by 4/03. Please let me know once you have posted the paper and I will do my best to grade the assignment in 72 hours.


Grade Guidelines
4.0 – 3.7 Well-written, interesting review. Demonstrates sophistication of thought. Ideas communicated clearly. Shows engagement with event and course materials through explanation of concepts and their relevance. Almost entirely free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Includes properly formatted works cited list/bibliography as well as in-text citations.
3.3 – 2.7 A solid paper. Shows interest in course materials and event but may sometimes be too general or rely too heavily on summary (i.e. may be less interpretive). May contain a few errors. Includes properly formatted works cited

list/bibliography and in-text citations.

2.3 – 1.7 Adequate but weaker and less effective. Shows some engagement with event but often depends on clichés for review. May be overly general. Makes connections to course materials but in a fairly superficial way. Contains several mechanical errors. Includes a works cited list/bibliography that may or may not be formatted properly. In-text citations might be poorly formatted.
1.3 – .7 Depends on overgeneralizations for support, or offers little evidence of any kind. Too vague and abstract. Does not offer evidence of participation in event or engagement with course materials. Contains many mechanical errors. Does not include a works cited list/bibliography and/or citations.
0 Shows no evidence of participation or does not complete the assignment. No appreciable organization. Unduly brief or long. Contains many awkward sentences, misuses words. Contains many mechanical errors. Includes neither a works cited list/bibliography nor in-text citations.