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I am considering doing my research project on the video game Apex Legends, and its progressive strive for equality in video game characters. While playing the game I noticed almost all the playable characters are different than the normal video game characters. Featuring a cast of predominantly minority ethnic groups is a stark contrast from the stereotypical white soldier character type in games past. The three keyword I will apply are stereotype, power and representation. This topic speaks to media, culture, and identity because video games are a mainstay in popular media around the world, and only growing. In the past almost all strong characters were white, and typically strong and muscular, a solider stereotype of sorts. Challenging this stereotype and giving powerful roles to black and other minority characters through a video game is a newer way to contest this stereotype. I plan to use various sources, including: “The White of Their Eyes” (Stuart Hall), the readings for stereotype, power and representation, scholarly articles pertaining to black characters in video games, and possibly pieces of the “Urgency of Intersectionality” (Beverly Crenshaw). The intersectionality piece can be used as well because there is also greater representation for women and women of color than in games past.


In Class Questions:

What is the scope of the project?- The project will show the change of video game characters from past to present and how diversity has been enforced through the video game Apex Legends.

What is the video’s argument?- The video will argue that the game has changed the representation of characters in video games and challenges existing stereotypes in the genre. For example, most powerful characters are white militant males.

Is the argument specific? Precise? Supportable?- The argument is pretty narrow and will encompass a specific issue. There is a decent amount of work done on the topic, and with my own opinions and other work I can formulate a strong opinion.

Are the keywords appropriate? Are there better keywords to apply?- The keywords suit the argument well.

This argument can be accomplished in 3-5 minutes convincingly.

I will include sources of gameplay and images as I find more.

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  • April 4, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Looking great! Make sure in your citations to cite the sources, even if they are from more popular online sources, as I know a lot of the discussions about games end up on those sites. Also, might consider adding comments from discussion boards/ twitter and other places that talk about how the game has broader representation. This will be important evidence for your argument!

    This is a small thing, but I’m assuming when you write “minority” that you mean “people of color”, which I’d use instead.

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