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My topic is about the ways that MLB baseball is using different kinds of new media techniques to draw a more diverse audience. This includes things such as new camera angles, people being mic’d up during games, and interviews with coaches and players in between innings.  All of these things are being used in the game today to try and reach this younger more diverse audience. I chose this topic because I am a huge fan of baseball and find the changes overtime are interesting. The change in demographics and the things that the MLB is doing to try and help this are very interesting comparing it to other major league sports. The NBA has become what every major sports league wants to get to. The NFL seems to have a divide between its players and the higher ups. The MLB seems to be this unique common ground between the two that is making the strides and have support from both players, management, and the organization itself.  I will try to use examples of these things that the MLB are using. I will show some interview footage, pictures of the different camera angles, and footage from players being mic’d up.  On top of that, I will use statistics and hopefully graphs to show the demographics of the fan base. The three keywords I will use are race, stereotype, and content. I will highlight how race and stereotypes play a role in the demographics. Then, all the different media changes that the MLB are doing are considered content.The content that the MLB is producing is media. They are constantly producing this media to try and help change the culture of baseball and the identity it has created.





  • Culture- George Yudice
  • Keywords reading for Race and Stereotype
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Media Content

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