Final Assignment Proposal

For my final assignment, I’d like to analyze the media’s role on the mental health of Justin Bieber, a celebrity who has spent his entire childhood and young adult life being recorded and stalked by the media. Bieber has struggled with serious depression and anxiety, and even had to cancel a tour halfway through to work on his mental stability. He admitted to getting into drug use because of his mental illnesses, and has taken a break from music so he could focus on his relationship with God to help him get back on track. For my final assignment I’d like to analyze the connection between his mental health issues and the role of the media. The keywords I will be applying are ideologyrepresentation, and surveillance.  The media I’d like to include in my final assignment is: Never Say Never (movie), various news articles (covering events like when Bieber peed in a bucket, got caught in a drug raid in CA, got a DUI in Miami, when he bought a monkey in Germany, an article about his mental health), his Twitter/Instagram accounts, and the recent Vogue interview/article with him and his wife, Hailey. Some of the class readings that I’ll be incorporating are:

-Ideology Keyword Reading

-Representation Keyword Reading

-Surveillance Keyword Reading

-Comparing Media Content and the “Real World”

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  • April 4, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Looking good! Just make sure that the piece focuses on the role of the media in shaping Bieber’s identity and conversations around mental health.

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