Final Assignment Description

My topic is:

The ways that Fortnite has changed the entire video game world

I chose it because:

I am an avid player. I love the way that this game unites all different types of people and challenges some fo the norms of battle royale games.

The pieces of media I am using are:

Pictures, Textbook keyword definitions, Stereotypes article-Teen Vogue

The 3 keywords I will be applying are:

Stereotypes, Power, Representation

How does this topic speak to media, culture, and identity?

Challenges many norms of battle.

In-class readings/media and scholarly sources I plan to cite are (identify at least 5):

Same as media

One thought on “Final Assignment Description

  • April 4, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    This is very vague. There are a lot of stereotypes in Fortnite. Are you going to focus on a particular one? A few of them? Make sure to explain in your video what Fortnite it and make it clear that is super popular (ex. stats about number of users). Fortnite is a huge topic, so you’ll need to make it clear which stereotypes you are talking about and why this important. Why does it matter that these stereotypes are in this game?

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