Final Assignment blog post, Nicole Strassberg

I am choosing to analyze Beyoncé’s music video for ‘If I Were A Boy’.  The music video conveys a powerful message about the contrasting roles of men and women in society, and more importantly the advantages that men have.  Beyoncé is an influential artist who uses her music to touch on social issues and point out the flaws our world. I plan to use That 70s Show, Friends, and an image of the ‘we can do it’ propaganda poster to emphasize the cookie cutter roles that the mothers and fathers play.  The three keywords that I will be applying are stereotype, representation, and power. I plan on using these keywords to analyze Beyoncé’s use of a role reversal to highlight the stereotypical representation of the male/female roles in society. She shows how different her life would be if she were able to act in the same way as a man, specifically her boyfriend.  I plan on using The White of Their Eyes, Masters of None, This Film is Not Yet Rated, M/S 192-209, M/s 166-170.


– What is the scope of the project?

My project uses Beyoncé’s interpretation of the roles that men and women have in relationships to show how the two genders are not considered equal partners.  

– What is the video’s argument?

My video is arguing how double standards still exist for women, especially those who are  in relationships, and how the media conveys these unequal roles.

– Is the argument specific? Precise? Supportable?

The argument is specific and the evidence that I have supports what I am trying to prove.

– Are the keywords appropriate? Are there better keywords to apply?

I think that the keywords that I am applying are appropriate.

– Can one accomplish these goals in 3-5 minutes and be convincing? If not, how can the project be further refined?

I can accomplish my goals within the 3-5 minutes.  

– Are there other sources that should be included?

As I work more on the project there is the possibility of finding additional resources that could be included.


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  • April 4, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    This is a close reading of the cultural message of a particular song, which is great. Since the song lyrics are talking a lot about classic gender roles in a relationship, you might focus on those kind of cultural/ media references. You might also end with a montage of other media references where the gender roles are reversed.

    Do make sure to make it clear why beyonce and this song are important. She’s one of the best selling artists of all time and a cultural icon, so what she does matters!

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