Workshop: Analyzing a Scene

iMovie: Pick A Scene

Due: Monday,  February 11. It must be uploaded in Box before class starts.

A reminder that the Technology Learning Center has iMovie and is open until midnight Sunday-Thursday.

– Identify a scene.
– Cut a scene.
– Apply an analysis using a Keyword by adding three annotations.


– Identify and cut a scene from either (a) Zero Dark Thirty or (b) Master of None
– Choose a keyword that we have covered in class that you want to apply.
– Pick those most important 30-60 seconds of the scene for your analysis.
– Add a title that includes your Keyword and your name.
– Add three annotations that analyze your scene through the keyword of your choice.
– Add citation for the film. Use MLA style.  (For the final assignment, this will need to include relevant readings.

– Save the imovie. Go to File -> Share -> File ->  NAMEOFSHOW-FirstNameLastNameInitial. Select Resolution: 540p and Quality: Medium. For the final version, save as NAMEOFSHOW-FirstNameLastNameInitialFINAL

  • Save your video to Box: Workshop 01 – Analyzing a Scene
  • Create a Post on our course website where you include the link to your video. Write a paragraph explaining why you picked the scene. Make sure to select the category “Analyzing a Scene” so that the post appears in the proper section of the website.


Come to class prepared to discuss your decisions.



  • String together titles for annotations (Titles)
  • Add a Freeze Frame (right click on image)

Next Workshop:

  • Add and annotate images