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For my final assignment I will be analyzing a video the NCAA put out named “the life of a student athlete.” I am choosing to analyze this topic because it was very popular amongst athletes and it wrongly portrays their day to day life. I plan to play the video with a voice over of the parts that I find are deceiving. I will use the keywords Censorship, Representation, and Power to analyze the topic. This topic speaks to media, culture, and identity specifically to how media can falsely create a image swaying the viewers opinion of a particular experience. Many people have conflicting views on the life of a student athlete, and I have heard of a variety of different of takes of what actually goes on outside of my personal experience. I feel as if this topic is important because it seems as if the NCAA is using its power to protect themselves, and make it seem like people are being dramatic.

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  • April 4, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    This sounds good! One thing to make sure is that you ground your critiques in scholarship/ scholarly sources/ other media as well. For example, I’m thinking about stats about how few student-athletes make it to professional sports. Also, I’m thinking of Lebron’s new documentary called Student Athlete, which definitely is not pro-NCAA; what is important is that the documentary does a nice job weaving personal experiences while addressing structural problems. Your personal experience is important, and it helps ground your critiques. Make sure though that you have sources that help support your claims about what the NCAA documentary is problematic.

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