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Field Investigation

Daniel Jones

MCI 2019

Field Investigation

The movie US is classified as an American Horror film and it is directed by Jordan Peele. This movie was great and it had a very interesting twist. A family goes on a vacation to their beach house, and the mother Adelaide Wilson had a traumatic experience on this beach while she was growing up. The movie foreshadows that she does not want to return due to the past and the fact that she believes that another evil experience will come, and sure enough, it does. Her nightmares came to life when she and her family are attacked by people that look just like them. The plot twist comes when we find out that Adelaide is not who she really claims she is, yet just the audience finds out not the other characters in the film.

The direct correlation between the Movie US and our course would be the use of media, and technology to spread the news of the catastrophe at hand. When the doppelgangers began to take over the world citizens were confused about their whereabouts, and some were even unaware of the matter taking place. They used their cellphones to record the chaos and send it into the news networks. The victims use of phones could be related to our keyword surveillance. The victims felt clueless and helpless, and used their cameras to gather information, and collect data then sending it to local news channels in order to gain some sort of an understanding of what was going on. Identity also plays a huge role in the movie US. The use of surveillance portrayed a particular identity of the doppelgangers that positively portrayed their intent, and what they were here to do. Just as easily as surveillance did that it could have been altered to convey a completely different message. This is an example of how powerful surveillance in technology is.

Representation is also a great correlation to the film. The doppelgangers wanted to take over the earth because they were in the shadows bearing little to no significance. An abandoned project left to die, just yearning for the chance to break free. The definition of representation is “The result of processes of selection that invariably mean that certain aspects of reality are highlighted and others neglected.” (MCI recap:2/19/19) This would relate to MCI by how certain people, objects, and movements are glorified in the media while others of equal or greater importance are pushed to the side. This is related to the movie US because this is how the doppelgangers felt while they were stuck in the underworld which later on resulted in their retaliation to society which caused a great amount of destruction.

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